The Foss Waterway is a master planned waterfront community in downtown Tacoma, Washington. When full development is complete it will include parks, a residential community, office, retail and a hotel along 1.5 miles of the waterway. A public esplanade will run the full length of the project. Currently 7 of the 15 development sites are constructed or planned for redevelopment.

Cooperation drives development

The Foss Waterway Development Authority has established relationships with many agencies that have a role in development, enabling us to be an advocate for developers when working with regulatory agencies.

The Tacoma City Council formed the seven member Foss Waterway Development Authority Board (FWDA) in 1996 to oversee property development and marketing of the publicly-owned Foss Waterway property.

Since then, FWDA’s efforts have set precedents in planning, engineering and cooperation with regulatory agencies. Public input has been implemented.

Today the FWDA sells or leases Foss Waterway property for development. We also manage parks, leasehold properties and business interests on our own properties.

Your partner in paperwork
Along with a package of site amenities, we offer assistance behind the scenes.

Repeating history - for the better
New development along the Foss Waterway is a careful blend of historic and contemporary elements. We strive to capture the magic this area once had.

More than 100 years ago the Thea Foss Waterway was a thriving economic hub. Sawmills, marine activities and the Northern Pacific Railroad terminus brought Tacoma great success.

Gradually the industries moved out and by 1981 the Foss Waterway was a collection of vacant buildings.

Local leaders took a cue from other cities and saw the Foss as an economic opportunity. The goal was to turn the barren area into a vital link between downtown Tacoma and the Ruston Way waterfront to the north.

Today the commercial hum returns with a renaissance and a momentum that includes museums, housing, retail and office space.